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Cindy Bloom and 4 scents

Cindy Bloom

Cindy Bloom and 4 scents

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About Cindy Bloom collection

Cindy Bloom – the latest creation from Givaudan, the world’s number one fragrance designer, offers a gentle and refreshing scent that energizes and empowers women to confidently express themselves. Cindy Bloom caters to the diverse personalities of young girls, offering four unique scents that celebrate and enhance their vibrant youthfulness. With this exquisite fragrance, every girl can confidently embrace her individuality and radiate her own special charm. The Cindy Bloom perfume collection includes 4 unique scents: Romantic Muse, Urban Vibes, Fresh Ocean and Aroma Flower.

Cindy Bloom Cindy Bloom collection

Now let’s take a look at the four scents in this collection.

Cindy Bloom – Romantic Muse

Romantic Muse perfume opens with orange and tangerine scents, creating a fresh and pleasant feeling right from the first seconds. The combination of rose, freesia and western jasmine stands out in the middle note, bringing a sweet and cool scent, creating a feminine, romantic and sophisticated feeling. The final scent is a luxurious and warm combination of amber, agarwood and sweet vanilla, creating a sweet and seductive scent.

Cindy Bloom Romantic Muse Romantic Muse

Romantic Muse is a captivating perfume, with the perfect combination of fresh and sweet floral scents, along with seductive base notes of amber and vanilla. It creates a fresh and sophisticated feeling, making you a source of romantic inspiration. If you are looking for a feminine and seductive perfume, Romantic Muse perfume is definitely an excellent choice.

Cindy Bloom – Urban Vibes

Urban Vibes perfume is a perfume line that represents the essence of a bustling, modern city. It’s a seamless blend of fruity notes, the delicate allure of rose and the earthy scent of patchouli, creating a bold and contemporary olfactory experience. What sets it apart is its alluring musk and sweet vanilla scent, arousing passionate and strong emotions in the active urban women who wear it.

Cindy Bloom Urban Vibes Urban Vibes

This fragrance is designed for those who love confidence, charm and mystery. It encapsulates the spirit of urban life, where every street corner is a canvas of self-expression. Urban Vibes perfume is the perfect companion for those who want to express their individuality and shine through.

Cindy Bloom – Fresh Ocean

Fresh Ocean perfume is a piece of art designed especially for those passionate about freedom, the love of nature’s exploration, and the enchanting beauty of the sea. It is a fragrance that leaves a profound impression with its invigorating and energetic citrus notes, capturing the distinctive characteristics of citrus fruits. Alongside this, the heart notes offer a gentle, refined, and alluring blend of floral fragrances, much like the delicate moments you might encounter strolling along a picturesque beach. The base notes create a perfect harmony with cedarwood, providing a fragrance that is serene, romantic, and rhythmic, reminiscent of the sea. It evokes images of the undulating ocean waves and the salty sea breeze.

Cindy Bloom Fresh Ocean Fresh Ocean

Fresh Ocean perfume takes you on a fragrant journey filled with the essence of freedom, exploration, and a love for the sea. It will always be a source of inspiration for your adventures. Let this fragrance connect you with the beauty and tranquility of the sea, no matter where you are.

Cindy Bloom – Aroma Flower

Urban girls who always desire to immerse themselves in nature to find new inspiration cannot ignore the sweet and dreamy scent of Aroma Flower perfume. This fragrance is the perfect combination of the soft sweetness of ripe fruit and the scent of lavender, quince, and peony, creating a gentle and vibrant symphony. The scent of ripe fruit brings freshness and enchantment, like a memory of warm summer days. The scent of lavender, quince, and peony is like flowers blooming in the park, creating a peaceful and vibrant space.

Cindy Bloom Aroma Flower Aroma Flower

While the fragrance lingers, it leaves a warm and sweet feeling, thanks to the combination of amber, cedarwood, and white musk. It is perfection, the combination of all these elements, creating an enchanting and captivating fragrance, full of sophistication and making a strong impression, awakening emotions and stimulating the senses. Aroma Flower perfume is not just a perfume, but also an emotional and inspiring experience, taking you into a world of beautiful and captivating fragrance.

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