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Throughout decades of development, Saigon Perfume has successfully maintained its prominent position in the hearts of consumers. Established in the 90s, this brand has evolved into an iconic representation of Vietnamese perfumery, boasting classic scents enriched with traditional essence.

Among its noteworthy product lines, Saigon Red (Saigon N1) and Saigon White (Saigon N2) have stood the test of time, remaining unchanged in their original aromas and designs for over 30 years. This unwavering commitment highlights the brand's confidence and the distinctiveness of its fragrances.

Saigon Perfume has triumphed in capturing the nostalgic essence of the 90s, allowing users to not only relish in luxurious scents but also immerse themselves in cherished childhood memories. Beyond mere perfumes, these fragrances weave tales of treasured moments, evoking sentiments worth cherishing.

Not limited to domestic acclaim, Saigon Perfume takes pride in being one of Vietnam's premier exports to various countries across Asia and Southeast Asia, earning trust and adoration from a diverse international audience.

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