Cocooning Under Snow

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Cocooning Under Snow perfume offers a rich and complex blend of ingredients that evoke the feeling of a day spent in a pristine winter landscape, with initial freshness and warmth and gentleness at the end.
package_2 Capacity
package_2 Packing
24 pieces per carton
nest_clock_farsight_analog Longevity
6-8 hours
spa Fragrance
spa Fragrance Family
Minty, Citrusy, Floral, Woody, Ambery, Musky
spa Fragrance Notes
3 layers
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Fragance Pyramid
Top Notes
mint, tropical golden orange
Heart Notes
Jasmine, green tea
Base Notes
Cedarwood, amber, vetiver, musk
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1) Discover Cocooning Under Snow perfume:

Cocooning Under Snow perfume is part of the Dynik collection, which was developed by the world’s top “fragrance wizards” is Symrise & Firmenich, along with the exclusive fragrance creation method Nature Captive – capturing the distinctive natural notes of each explored region and infusing them into each bottle of perfume, bringing dynamism and masculinity through modern, internationally standardized scents. The inspiration for the fragrances in this collection carries the significance of evoking memories in the adventure of exploring the world.

The fragrance of Cocooning Under Snow perfume transports us to the image of a mountainside covered in pure white snow. Initially, the gentle freshness of lemon appears, mild and balanced. However, this freshness later becomes colder due to the presence of cedarwood. The subtle spiciness of cedarwood not only brings stability and purity but also makes the lemony freshness feel colder than ever before.

2) What is the outstanding fragrance of Cocooning Under Snow perfume?

The fragrance consists of three layers:

Top notes: mint, tropical golden orange

Heart notes: jasmine, green tea

Base notes: cedarwood, amber, vetiver, musk

The fragrance of Cocooning Under Snow perfume is a harmonious blend of somewhat new aromas. In the top notes, the combination of peppermint and tropical golden orange creates a fresh and invigorating scent. Peppermint brings a sense of coolness, while tropical golden orange adds freshness and energy. The heart notes of this perfume begins with a gentle note of jasmine, creating a seductive and feminine aspect to the fragrance. Jasmine adds a touch of romance and sophistication to the scent. Next, green tea fragrance enhances the purity and freshness, making the fragrance more complex and captivating. The base note is where the scent of cedarwood, amber, vetiver, and musk emerge. Cedarwood produces a warm and mysterious scent, while amber contributes sweetness and warmth. Vetiver provides a comfortable and fresh feeling, and finally, musk imparts a gentle and pure essence to the final fragrance.

Cocooning Under Snow perfume offers a rich and complex blend of ingredients that evoke the feeling of a day spent in a pristine winter landscape, with initial freshness and warmth and gentleness at the end.

3) How is Cocooning Under Snow perfume look?

Cocooning Under Snow perfume is designed with a simple and distinctive appearance compared to other perfume bottles. The bottle is made of clear glass with a black plastic cap, giving it a compact and sturdy feel when held. The bottle has an ombre design that fades from orange at the top to clear at the bottom, with the brand name and fragrance name prominently displayed on the bottle.

Furthermore, it is packaged in a black box made of board material. The exterior of the box features an image of the perfume bottle with a more basic color tone. It also includes information such as the production date, expiration date, usage instructions, storage guidelines, warnings, ingredients, capacity, and place of origin.

4) Best ways to use Cocooning Under Snow perfume

Spray the fragrance onto the desired area from a distance of approximately 15 – 20 cm from the body.

Apply the fragrance to areas of the body with high blood flow, moist and sensitive skin such as the wrists, nape of the neck and center of the chest. This allows the scent to diffuse more effectively and last longer.

Avoid spraying directly onto clothing and jewelry. Store the perfume in a cool, well-ventilated place away from direct sunlight to prevent it from deteriorating and losing its scent.

Note: The longevity of the fragrance may vary depending on individual body chemistry and usage circumstances. Keep out of reach of children.

5) FAQs: