Orientica Monsoon

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Orientica Monsoon perfume offers a complex fragrance, with a balance of floral, earthy and animalic notes. From the freshness of the top note to the warmth and longevity of the base note, creating a fragrance that is both romantic, wild, sweet and a little energetic.
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nest_clock_farsight_analog Longevity
6-8 hours
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Leather, Chypre
spa Fragrance Notes
3 layers
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Fragance Pyramid
Top Notes
Saffron pistil, tangerine, cassis cake flavor
Heart Notes
Rose, jasmine, heliotrope
Base Notes
DL Amber 84, leather, oakmoss
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1) Discover Orientica Monsoon perfume:

Orientica Monsoon is a part of Orientica – this collection is a collaboration between De Laire, Saigon Cosmetics Corporation, and the creative director Dzũng Yoko from ELLE Vietnam. Orientica is the story of artists traveling the world in search of inspiration. Orientica is the profound and seductive journey of an enchanting East, captivating in its landscapes, cultures, and people, painting a fragrant portrait that truly captivates artistic souls.

Orientica Monsoon perfume is the embodiment of both romance and wilderness, a scent that represents the changing operations of heaven and earth in nature. The monsoon is free, liberal and wild, bringing this season away, bringing another season back, shifting from summer to winter, from cold to warmth. This wind carries the essence of this land and imparts it to other regions. Each layer of wind is like a layer of fragrant blossoms, blowing in, swaying, lingering, and diffusing its aroma over the fresh and vibrant greenery of this place.

The monsoon rotates and changes, sometimes bringing clouds to cover the sky and then dispelling the darkness thanks to the sweet amber scent mixed with floral scent. And a new day has come, filled with optimism, sweetness, purity and radiance.

2) What is the outstanding fragrance of Orientica Monsoon perfume?

The fragrance is composed of three layers:

Top note: saffron pistil, tangerine, cassis cake flavor

Heart notes: rose, jasmine, heliotrope

Base notes: DL Amber 84, leather, oakmoss

The scent of Orientica Monsoon perfume opens with a combination of saffron pistil, tangerine and cassis cake flavor notes. This top note creates a blend of the characteristic scent of saffron, fresh tangerine, and a hint of sweet from cassis cake. The heart note contains notes of rose, jasmine and heliotrope. This is the part that creates a seductive and delicate floral scent, with a blend of many different types of flowers. The base notes appear with DL Amber 84, leather and oakmoss. This is the layer of incense that creates warmth and depth for the overall fragrance, providing a strong and delicate scent.

The interplay of all these fragrance layers creates a complex and captivating scent, capturing the spirit of Monsoon, blending the freshness and deliciousness of the top notes with the rich and earthy heart notes, and concluding with a warm and sensual base.

3) How is Orientica Monsoon look?

The design features a cylindrical shape with a transparent body and a dark brown-black wooden cap, which exudes elegance, sophistication, and a touch of rustic charm. The perfume box draws inspiration from traditional tea boxes, showcasing a unique, luxurious, and distinctly Oriental spirit. Furthermore, the product is beautifully packaged with high-quality paper packaging, ensuring maximum safety for the product. The outside clearly states the date of manufacture, expiry date, ingredients, origin and instructions for use.

4) Best ways to use Orientica Monsoon perfume

Spray the fragrance onto the desired area from a distance of approximately 15 – 20 cm from the body.

Apply the fragrance to areas of the body with high blood flow, moist and sensitive skin such as the wrists, nape of the neck and center of the chest. This allows the scent to diffuse more effectively and last longer.

Avoid spraying directly onto clothing and jewelry. Store the perfume in a cool, well-ventilated place away from direct sunlight to prevent it from deteriorating and losing its scent.

Note: The longevity of the fragrance may vary depending on individual body chemistry and usage circumstances. Keep out of reach of children.

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