Pure Air Rose Room Spray

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Pure Air Rose Room Spray is a perfect combination of natural rose scent with deodorizing technology from the US, giving your home an airy, comfortable, fresh, pleasant scent.
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1) Discover Pure Air Rose Room Spray:

Pure Air Rose Room Spray belongs to a brand from Vietnam – Pure Air. Pure Air is a wonderful blend of natural scent and advanced deodorizing technology from the US, providing a pure scent and long-lasting fragrance to make your home smell fresh and clean.

2) What is the outstanding fragrance of Pure Air Rose Room Spray?

Pure Air Rose Room Spray carries the natural scent of sweet, delicate and feminine roses. The scent of roses is warm, seductive, and sometimes carries a bit of passion and dreaminess. When using this fragrance, you not only feel a simple scent, but also a feeling of nobility and charm in your room.

3) How is Pure Air Rose Room Spray look?

The room spray bottle has a long cylindrical design, the bottle body is made of aluminum and the bottle head is made of plastic. The bottle body has a light pink color typical of roses, and the bottle cap is a darker peach color. The body shows rose motifs and 5 outstanding advantages of this room spray line.

In addition, the bottle body also contains information such as brand name, production date, expiration date, instructions for use, warnings, ingredients, capacity, storage and origin.

4) Best ways to use Pure Air Rose Room Spray

Shake well before use, keep the bottle upright.

Spray gently throughout the room.

For a fresh-smelling home, spray every room in the house.

Note: Do not spray or leave near high temperatures, power sources, or flammable places. Do not puncture or burn the jar. Keep out of reach of children

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