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Dynik and 5 scents


Dynik and 5 scents

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About Dynik collection

The Dynik perfume collection was developed by the world’s top “fragrance wizards” is Symrise & Firmenich, along with the exclusive fragrance creation method Nature Captive – capturing the distinctive natural notes of each explored region and infusing them into each bottle of perfume, bringing dynamism and masculinity through modern, internationally standardized scents. The inspiration for the fragrances in this collection carries the significance of evoking memories in the adventure of exploring the world.

Dynik Dynik collection

Now let’s take a look at the five scents in this collection

Dynik – Promenade At The Seaside

Promenade At The Seaside perfume is a true olfactory journey to the ocean’s edge. This fragrance encapsulates the pure, salty essence of the sea, complemented by the refreshing notes of bergamot and the earthy richness of patchouli. Together, they create a scent that not only soothes the mind but also transports you to a tranquil seaside setting.

Promenade At The Seaside Promenade At The Seaside

As you inhale this delightful fragrance, it’s as if the cool sea waves are gently caressing your bare feet during an early morning stroll. What a wonderful way to capture the essence of a seaside retreat and bring its serene beauty to life through scent!

Dynik – Swimming At Riverside

Swimming At Riverside perfume offers a truly enchanting fragrance experience. It’s as pure as a crystal-clear stream winding its way through a forest, surrounded by the mystique of oak moss. Combined with the spicy allure of rare ambergris, it evokes memories of the sound of water echoing down from lofty rocky cliffs into a small, hidden bay, all shrouded in a hazy and elusive mist.

Swimming At Riverside Swimming At Riverside

This scent is like a captivating journey to a hidden oasis, where nature’s beauty and mystery come together in perfect harmony. It’s a poetic and evocative fragrance that transports you to a serene, dreamlike riverside scene.

Dynik – Bucolic Retreat

Bucolic Retreat perfume offers a sweet and idyllic fragrance that beautifully combines the essence of pear, rustic wood, and orchid. It’s like a fragrant journey to the peaceful and tranquil countryside, where the world is bathed in the warm morning sunlight. In this rural haven, the fresh air carries the scents of green grass, and vibrant flower fields are like colorful gems adorning a lush and lively green carpet.

Bucolic Retreat Bucolic Retreat

This scent encapsulates the simple yet profound beauty of nature, where the serenity of the countryside comes alive with each spritz. It’s a wonderful way to carry a piece of that picturesque landscape with you wherever you go.

Dynik – Cocooning Under Snow

Cocooning Under Snow perfume is a scent that beautifully evokes the image of a mountainside draped in pristine white snow. It begins with the gentle freshness of lemon, offering a mild and harmonious introduction. However, as the scent unfolds, this initial freshness gradually transforms into a cooler sensation, thanks to the presence of cedarwood.

Cocooning Under Snow Cocooning Under Snow

The subtle spiciness of cedarwood not only infuses the fragrance with stability and purity but also intensifies the coolness of the lemony freshness, making it crisper and colder than ever before. This fragrance is like a sensory journey to a snow-covered wonderland, capturing the serene beauty of a winter landscape.

Dynik – Breathing Mountain Air

Breathing Mountain Air perfume leaves a lasting impression through its captivating blend of renowned Tonka bean, cedarwood, and musk. This fragrance transcends the typical deep and masculine notes, creating an olfactory experience that’s truly exceptional. It not only embodies these exquisite elements but also manages to conjure the sensation of inhaling dry, fresh air while standing in the heart of a fiery, red canyon.

Breathing Mountain Air Breathing Mountain Air

This scent is like a journey to a rugged, majestic landscape, where the interplay of earthy, warm notes and cool, fresh sensations comes together in perfect harmony. It’s a fragrance that’s both distinctive and evocative.

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