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Orientica and 5 scents


Orientica and 5 scents

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About Orientica collection

The Orientica perfume collection is a story full of creativity and color, a great combination between De Laire, Saigon Cosmetics Joint Stock Company and creative director Dzung Yoko from ELLE Vietnam. Orientica is truly a journey full of depth and charm, an adventure into the world of the East, where enchantment lies everywhere, from the landscape to the culture and people.

Orientica collection Orientica collection

Nothing can compare to the uniqueness of Orientica – each fragrance has a different story, emotion and is also a true work of art. It is not simply a bottle of perfume but also a window that opens so you can see the world from a whole new perspective. They are works of art created to transport you to far-flung locations and enjoy uniquely rich and captivating emotions.

Orientica collection Orientica collection

Orientica is an artistic adventure, a sublime fusion of culture and fragrance and a fragrant portrait of the charm of the East. Together we enter the magical world of Orientica, where each fragrance is a page in history worth telling and captivates every artistic soul.

Now let’s take a look at the five scents in this collection

Orientica Harmony

Harmony perfume has a unique Gourmand fragrance, expertly blending the richness and sophistication of flavors to create a sweet symphony that symbolizes prosperity, style and luxury. This fragrance can be compared to the music of life, where ripe fruit blends with the rich taste of coffee and the gentle charm of vanilla. Its scent notes blend together harmoniously to create an interesting combination, creating a characteristic, seductive aroma that resembles the sweetness of young rice and the nuttiness of red beans.

Orientica Harmony Harmony

Orientica The Journey

The Journey perfume is a harmonious wandering between sun and wind, day and night. It represents the spirit of the person who presides over the journey, like a fire that burns persistently all day and night, never cooling down, never extinguishing. The Journey perfume encapsulates the unwavering determination, resilience, freshness and optimism of those who love adventure and never give up their true selves. Its fragrance is a delicate blend of fresh, unique and alluring ingredients, expressing the strong spirit and determination of optimistic individuals on an endless quest.

Orientica The Journey The Journey

Orientica Shangri-La

Whether the Promised Land aka “Shangri-La” exists or not is not important. The important thing is whether people are willing to leave behind all prejudices and fears to embark on the journey to find where they belong. Shangri-La perfume has a unique Leather scent that is both sexy and surprising. Top notes of ripe red fruits explode with energy and intense aroma, like a strong and sweet encouragement. This motivation gradually turns into action as the scent of agarwood blends harmoniously with red fruits. And we happily set off on the journey to the promised land, where the fragrance officially embraces rich ripe red fruits and pure forest wood.

Orientica Shangri-La Shangri-La

Shangri-La perfume has a unique, complex and attractive fragrance. It reflects the sophistication and charm of a place where freshness, originality and charm create a sophisticated and enchanting scent.

Orientica Monsoon

Monsoon perfume is the embodiment of romance and wildness, a scent that symbolizes the changing operations of heaven and earth in nature. The free, liberal and wild monsoon takes this season away, brings another season back, changes from summer to winter, from cold to warm. This wind carries the essence of this land and transmits it to other regions.

Orientica Monsoon Monsoon

Each layer of wind is like a layer of fragrant flowers blowing in, swaying, lingering, spreading its fragrance onto the fresh, brilliant green of this place. The monsoon rotates and changes, sometimes bringing clouds to cover the sky and then dispelling the darkness thanks to the sweet scent of amber mixed with the scent of flowers. And a new day has come, filled with optimism, sweetness, purity and radiance.

Orientica The Spirit

The Spirit embodies the peaceful spirit of Asia, like a cup of tea – the special traditional drink of this pure land. The Spirit has the main scent of flowers, wood and musk, with the main note being the peaceful and pure scent of tea. The fragrance is gentle and delicate, taking people away from the urban noise to return to the highlands where the morning dew collects on the leaves.

Orientica The Spirit The Spirit

The air is fresh, peaceful and crystallized by the intertwining of lavender, harmoniously blending with the scent of pure jasmine. The human soul blends with the generous soul of nature. A feeling of lightness covers the soul, like a cloud gently drifting into an open heart. This is when the white musk blends with the pure scent of tea.

The Spirit perfume is a complex perfume that transitions from fresh and fruity top notes to floral and herbal heart notes, culminating in a warm and gentle base note. It creates a feeling of alertness, sophistication and serenity, reflecting a refreshing spirit and harmonious interaction between humans and nature.

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